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We are not taking orders at this time, except for replacement posts. Therefore, we have disabled the on-line ordering process. We Expect to resume normal operations in the near future.  

Replacement Posts are currently available. These posts are designed for Creative Pet Furniture Products only. They will not fit other brands of cat furniture.

The website is temporarily offline, we are installing and testing a new design. The site is expected to be on-line on or before 02/01/2016. Orders can be placed via phone - 580-248-8240.

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We have been committed to providing totally PET SAFE and vet approved cat furniture to pet lovers since 1997. All cat trees, cat condos, cat hotels, cat scratching posts, cat grooming carts and cattery furniture is designed, hand built, and sold by cat lovers/owners from Lawton, OK. All cat furniture is constructed with high quality materials that does not contain any nails, staples or bare wood that can cause injury to your pets.

Creative Pet Furniture units are premium quality cat furniture pieces, which are designed to be displayed in any room. You can match any decor with our wide selection of carpet colors. The natural sisal rope covered posts, supported by solid wobble-free bases , extends the life of the carpeted areas by providing for safe climbing and scratching surfaces.

Creative Pet Furniture offers:

  • The lowest price for high quality US made, PET SAFE cat furniture on the internet.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • For increased security, order payments are processed by PayPal. A PayPal Account is NOT required.
  • All financial information maintained, stored and secured by PayPal.
  • Options for Credit/Debit cards payments are displayed during checkout.

Cats spend a lot of time sleeping and relaxing, pamper them with a comfortable cat bed from Creative Pet Furniture.
We have heated cat beds, unheated cat beds, heated cat mats, unheated cat mats and cat bed warmers.

Cat Beds

Cats are more relaxed when they have their own cat furniture to relax on. Cat trees come in a variety of sizes. All Creative Pet Furniture cat trees have Sisal covered scratching posts.

Cat Trees

If you do not want further damage to your furniture, draperies or carpets, then encourage your cats to scratch - but not on your things.

Instead, buy them their own scratching post.

Cat Scratching Posts

Our cat condos and cat hotels have wobble free bases and provide plenty of room to play, sleep and exercise.

There is a cat condo and cat hotel to satisfy any cat.

Cat Condo - Hotels

This pet water fountain is veterinarian designed to encourage water intake and proper hydration in pets.

Provides pets with a constant flow of fresh water.

Water Fountains

Creative Pet Furniture has entertainment centers and cattery furniture for in-home and commercial use.

Individual cattery sections can be replaced when they become worn.

Cattery Furniture

Easy Clean up formica top. Plenty of storage space in the full size drawers.

The Creative Pet Furniture grooming cart is perfect for home or cattery and can be carried to shows.

Grooming Carts

Pet Guard a one step cleaner that destroys disease causing bacillus, fungus & viruses.

Infection protection and prevention for pets and people, non irrating.

Infection Protection

Unique gifts using your pet’s photo. Includes coasters mugs, plates, and special framed prints.

Gift certificates are also available for site purchases.

Gifts/Gift Certificates

Why Should You Choose Cat Furniture from

All cats need to have a safe place where they can climb, play, scratch and rest undisturbed. The Cat Trees, Cat Scratching Posts, Cat Condos, Cat Hotels and Cattery furniture provides fun and exercise for your cat and kittens. Creative Pet Furniture designs have been cat tested to ensure long term satisfaction and enjoyment. All Cat Trees, Cat Scratching Posts, Cat Condos, Cat Hotels and Cattery furniture are modular constructed (no special tools required) for ease in relocation and/or transporting in your car. There is no need to buy a new unit when it becomes worn, individual sections can be replaced. The disassembly and reassembly does not effect the integrity of the cat furniture. The posts on the cat trees, cat condos, cat hotels, cat scratching posts and cattery furniture have been load tested (by Standard Testing and Engineering Company, Lawton, OK) to support over 9000 lbs without collapsing. These units can safely support any size cat.

There is a size for everyone...from a single cat household... to commercial catteries and cat entertainment centers. If we don't have the cat furniture that you are searching for... click on the Contact   link and provide a brief description. Custom cat furniture pieces can be made to fit any requirement. A representative of Creative Pet Furniture will contact you promptly to discuss your requirements, provide cost and estimated date of delivery.

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