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Choosing The Correct Furniture For Your Cat

If you have ever searched the Internet for pet furniture the number of sites probably overwhelmed you. There are over 360,000,000 sites that reference pet furniture. The majority of these sites are only resellers, very few offer pieces made in the United States and fewer are manufactured by the seller. All furniture offered by Creative Pet Furniture except the plush cat beds, are made by Creative Pet Furniture in Oklahoma.

The cat furniture is “vet approved” and manufactured without the use of nails, staples or bare wood that can cause injury to your pet. Also, every piece is modular constructed allowing easy assembly and disassembly for relocation within your home or business. They can also be transported in your vehicle. Creative Pet Furniture offers a wide variety of styles, sizes and colors. Selecting the right furniture for your cat can be as difficult as picking out your own furniture.

Things to consider when buying cat furniture:

1. Pet Safety, Pet Safety, Pet Safety!
    Check each piece for staples, nails, bare wood (can splinter)

2. Is the furniture made from quality products?

3. Is the furniture well balanced and sturdy?
    Should be wobble free.
    Should be balanced and sturdy so as not to tip over.
    Creative Pet Furniture pieces are sturdy enough for any cat.
    Independent engineering lab stress tests proved that the posts could support over 9000 lbs without collapsing.

4. Does the furniture meet the climbing, scratching and lounging needs of your pet?
    Choose a piece large enough for you full grown cat?
    Can worn pieces be replaced?

5. Will the piece fit in with your decor?
    Creative Pet Furniture pieces come in a variety of designs and colors.
    Custom pieces can be made to fit your particular size, style and color preferences.

Creative Pet Furniture has been manufacturing cat furniture that is pet safe and vet approved since 1997. The trees come in a variety of sizes to suit any household from a single cat household to a commercial cattery. Be sure to check out our testimonials when considering a purchase. We have units suitable for any size cat including Main Coons and Ragdolls.


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