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Why Your Cat Needs A bed

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Since cats spend up to eighteen hours daily asleep, where they sleep is important. Cats, like people, regardless of age or size need a safe, warm, soft and comfortable bed to sleep on. All cats should have their own cat bed.

Cat beds are not luxury items but essential pieces of furniture to provide your cats with warmth, support and security. Some of the important benefits that come from quality Cat beds are:

If your cat sleeps outside, on a porch or in the garage then a cat bed is a must. There are cat beds designed for outdoor use and some come with heaters to maintain normal body temperature.

There are many cat beds available to choose from. Before purchasing a cat bed observe your cat's sleeping habits and select a style of bed that matches their sleep preference. It can be quite frustrating buying a cat bed only to have your cat ignore it.

Getting your cats used to the bed from an early age will have them seeking out the bed for sleep in the future. When your cat/kitten is ready for a nap (after eating or playing) place it in the bed and gently stroke it until it settles down.

The following is a list of some of the more popular beds:

There are pros and cons for all cat beds such as cost, comfort level, cleaning, etc. Your main concern should be cleaning. When buying a cat bed, it is important to make sure it is washable. Washing your cat's bed regularly will help to kill bacteria, fungi and reduce odors. Bedding should have good insulation. The bed should provide protection from drafts and be easily accessible.

By getting your kitty a cat bed, your feline will be comfortable, and you will get your sleeping quarters back.


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